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Veneer edgebanding

In the 1970s furniture manufactures realised that it was more effective and economical to use veneer edgebanding finger-jointed to continuous rolls, compared to regular edge stripes cut from bundled veneer.

Edgebanding is produced from all available veneers. Standard species are kept in stock. Customers’ own material can be processed in the case of special orders.

Irregular finger-joint or butt-joint (for fixed lengths) with fleece or aluminum tape (for automated application) is used to put veneers together.

Veneer is fleece-backed or strengthened with a thin hot-melt glue coat for anti-splitting protection (SSK). Hot-melt coat backing is used for direct application to the edge of furniture parts.

All veneers are surface sanded and cut from a width of 15 to 300 mm.

Veneers for profile wrapping and soft-forming

As a substitute for valuable quality solid wood, and also because of its mechanical characteristics, special finished veneers are used to wrap profiles or profile edges of furniture components. The veneer is fleece-backed (1 or 2 layers), sanded down to minimum thickness of 0.3 mm and cut longitudinally from 15 to 300 mm in width. Fleece- backed and sanded veneer used in vacuum-membrane presses can be produced at up to 600 mm in width.

Thick veneer edgebanding

In order to increase the quality of furniture, especially when it comes to parts which are more exposed – and also as a cost-effective alternative to solid wood – we offer thick veneer edgebanding, which is produced by pressing together multiple layers up to a thickness of 5 mm. In comparison with regular edgebanding, even using a two-layer 1 mm thick edge proves a substantial increase in quality, at a negligible difference in cost. The PVAc glues used in thick veneer edgebanding also contribute to better quality of this product.

Fineline edgebanding

Fineline veneer is used to give a stable veneer structure and color (e.g. straight grain), as well as to simplify final application due to higher flexibility. This also leads to a decrease in production costs when compared to natural veneer. The possibilities of fineline veneers production processsing are the same as those of natural material, including thick veneer edgebanding.

Pre-finished lacquered edgebanding and profile wrapping, soft-forming veneers

To simplify surface finalisation technologies, the edgebandings and veneers are pre-finished lacquered, pigmented or stained. Final gloss and colour is matched to customer`s sampels.

Additional assortment

Advertising and souvenirs made of veneer (business cards, greeting cards, vouchers, etc.).
Veneer plates and cutlery –


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