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Vyrábíme dýhové hrany, vrstvené dýhové hrany. Zpracováváme dýhu. Dýha pro obalování a softforming. Kování dib na posuvné a skládací dveře. Dýhované desky. Lepidla Rakoll. Materiály pro truhláře - prodej kompletního sortimentu.

Welcome to the website of Czech
veneer edges manufacturer - dib s.r.o.
Your company produces furniture, kitchens, doors or wrapped profiles. And for it you use veneer in various forms. Your products are distributed to individual customers, you deliver to public interiors or you work with trade chains as is for example IKEA. Welcome at dib s.r.o. company. You do not need to search for veneer edges any more.

Company dib s.r.o. is traditional Czech manufacturer of veneer edges in rolls in any species and technical finish as are: standard one layer veneer edges, thick veneer edges, veneers for profile wrapping and soft-forming, fineline edges and lacquered materials. Our customers mainly value standard high quality combined with very competitive prices, repeated and time proven reliability of supplies and also agility and precision of its execution from our plant in Prague. We are ready to meet all of your requirements and wishes in our favorite business of veneer edges.
dib s.r.o. Opening hours: Mo-Fr 6.00-14.30
Křížová 2598/4
150 00 Praha 5 - Smíchov
tel.: +420 251 081 680, +420 736 630 818 e-mail:
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