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Vyrábíme dýhové hrany, vrstvené dýhové hrany. Zpracováváme dýhu. Dýha pro obalování a softforming. Kování dib na posuvné a skládací dveře. Dýhované desky. Lepidla Rakoll. Materiály pro truhláře - prodej kompletního sortimentu.

About Company
The dib company was established as a small joinery in the year 1990. Shortly afterwards the company’s activities in Prague expanded to include edgebanding production. This area has gradually become the key production activity of dib, and the company is nowadays fully specialised in the production of veneer edgebanding. We are continuously improving our production technologies and business processes to ensure that our products and services bring constantly higher value. dib’s customers are small joineries as well as the leading furniture, door and kitchen manufacturers in the Czech Republic and abroad, where most of its production is directed.


The dib company has adapted to the ever growing demands of the market mainly thanks to its detailed knowledge of edgebanding production and the characteristics of materials. The development of new production technologies, innovative ideas and flexibility has been the motor of the successful growth of our company. Many years of experience and complex services reliably ensure high quality standards and the rapid meeting of the requirements of individual customers.


We are very well aware what quality and productivity means in today’s market environment. However, that is not enough in itself. There must be some value added, and that is to understand our customers’ needs. Based on this understanding our company is able to develop and to grow together with our customers.
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